My pots are all individuals. They start life as a round or flat piece of earthenware clay and are carefully handbuilt into shapes of dishes, teapots, clocks and fishes, which ultimately end up as highly decorative pieces of ceramics.

Colour is very important to me as I like to start with a blank white smooth surface and then start building up the colours. This can be as many as 14 different colours on one surface. The more vivid, shocking and illuminating the better. I want my work to cheer up people, to make them smile and continuously discover new things about the pot.

I am currently working on larger pieces, clocks which stretch the length of the mantlepiece and cats who stand shoulder to shoulder with my own real cats. The original pinched shape of the cat has now also developed into multicoloured elephants wearing a range of hatty hats.

On top of the colours I handpaint on, I am also using generous amounts of gold, copper and platinum lustre.